Victoria Bitter has just dropped a clothing range that has sent irony-drench festival-goers into a tizzy. Forget the harsh polyester confines of the Cotton On “Festival Shirt”, a new contender has entered the ring.

The new range is a collaboration with Mr Simple, the same whizz kids that brought out the impossibly popular Melbourne Bitter range last year.  We’re thrilled to announce that the collection is actually unprecedently chic, it truly encapsulates the uniting spirit of this nations favourite frothy bev.

The capsule features eight pieces, that take inspiration from the brews archive of vintage labels. There is a nod to pop-art by Aria-nommed visual artist Lee McConnel that would make Andy Warhol take up witness protection, a bunch of gorgeous minimalist designs featuring the classic Victoria Bitter tinnie silhouette, and a most essential bbq shirt, socks, and stubbies. It’s all just sublimely gorgeous.

The Melbourne Bitter line sold like hot cakes so if you want to cop this celebration of cerveza, you better get in quick. You can view the range in all its glory here.