One of the silliest questions in the English language is, “Fancy a Macca’s deal?”. Of course you bloody do. What a silly thing to ask. 

And according to Pedestrian TV, those sly fast food slingers have a sneaky wee 5c item menu they’ve been trying to keep hidden from us. They have tasty treats like a cheeseburger, large fries, even a small McCafe drink for the low, low, low sum.

You’ll have to be quick though because the 5c deal only runs until October 14th, giving you just under a month to take advantage of it. And of course there’s a slight catch – there always is.

The ridiculous 5c deal is part of a promotion between McDonald’s and Visa (presumably Travis Scott was busy). If you use the MyMacca’s App and pay with a Visa card, you’ll then be able to select one of three menu items and get it for that princely sum of 5c (I mean that’s essentially free).

Honestly, as far as catches in deals go, this isn’t really an arduous one. With most people using Visa cards anyway, I expect you all to be enacting a sort of Robin Hood-type situation by taking advantage of the 5c deal.

Who knows, maybe this time you’ll actually get a decent Macca’s Monopoly sticker too. Probably not though, that’s very wishful thinking.

And just a heads up, the deal is only single-use so just slow your role and choose wisely between the three items. As a caffeine avoider, I’ll be going for those large fries I reckon, although a cheeseburger for 5c is ridiculously tempting. Catch you at Macca’s in October then!

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Check out Keith from The Try Guys valiantly attempting to eating everything on offer at Macca’s Australia:

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