The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in an era of financial hardship for many Australians. It has also increased dependency on internet access for work, education, and like, one’s general quality of life.

Sydney company IPSTAR Broadband has announced a new initiative set to help out regional families that might be during it tough during these frightening times. IPSTAR managing director Shannon Fisher revealed that the company want to help Australians “who are often left behind”.

“Parents of school-aged children are now being asked to not only work from home but also help their children with schooling,” he said.

“We are providing these families with free-of-charge plans to ensure they can continue to earn a wage or obtain an education when they are being asked to stay at home.”

Those eligible for the free NBN plan are those that receive the government’s Family Tax Benefit A or B. If you meet those requirements you’ll be able to access the IPSTAR’s Sky Muster Plus plan for free-of-charge, with no installation fee.

The service will allow 10GB per month for video streaming and VPN access — all other activities will be unmetered. All work and a little bit of play.

You can read more about it, and apply here.

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