Heaps chiller. These Scandinavians have united to produce a typical Röyksopp concoction assimilating the best of their glitchybeats,youthful vocals and poppy drum loops… with some Robyn thrown in.

The first track, and the mini-album’s standout, ‘Monument’, is composed of groovy, dark basslines feathered with airy synths colliding into a dissonant wall of sound. A desert of layered synths sits right in the middle of the track, before being pierced with Robyn’s candid vocals, pouring over it all and pooling into a bath of dark lyrics. It’s polished off with decorative, translucent alto sax; a really nice touch.

Both ‘Sayit’ and ‘Inside The Idle Hour Club’ are repetitive and not quite juicy enough to really demand undivided attention. However, ‘Every Little Thing’, like ‘What Else Is There?’ on 2005’s The Understanding, is a nicely understated slice of pop.

The album’s marketing campaign will undoubtedly be funded almost entirely by ‘Do It Again’ and its permanent residency on Nova’s playlist for the next three months. It’s catchy and fruity, but borderline too contemporary; it’s almost too influenced, Guetta-style.


Do It Again is out Friday May 23 through Cherrytree / Inertia.

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