Y’all know what time it is. Over the past month we have been ruthlessly delineating the caffeine boundaries of our fair city, on our way to awarding the best coffee in each Sydney suburb.

Last week we tackled the Inner West, so it seems like the rest of Sydney should be a walk in the park. Enjoy the last ten locations in our countdown of the 50 best coffees in Sydney, and catch up on the full list here:

Part One (CBD)

Part Two (North Shore and Balmain)

Part Three (Eastern Suburbs)

Part Four (Inner West)

Part Five (Western Sydney)


Kafeneio Shop 7, 180 George St

A strong, consistent brew in smaller cups, served by a witty bartender who knows her beans. Expect Mecca coffee and incredible customer service, plus latte art that would put Melbourne to shame.


XS Espresso 2 Windsor Rd

While I have had some sub-par lattes here, for the most part it’s a pretty decent shot. The brekkie menu is delightful and the staff are so lovely that if your shot of Campos is burnt they’ll redo it and fall over themselves apologising. Their freak-shakes are bonkers though; maybe go for one of those.


Espresso On South 45 South St

Campos again, but this time we have a winner. Superb beans with a mild finish; very drinkable. The baristas are up for a laugh while you wait, too.


Cafe2u Fairfield St

It’s a coffee cart, yes. But a quality one. “Caffeine induction efficiently administered” is a quote from my dad, which essentially means they deal out good joe on the fly. Cafe2u comprises a husband-and-wife team who love to chat about your day while you sip away.


Little Creations Patisserie 6/57 Mimosa Rd

This little cafe used to be a continental cake shop, which has now morphed into its current form: selling its own home baked “little creations”. Try the excellent, if mild, ristretto.


PicNick View Shop 6, 163-171 Hawkesbury Rd

Re-branded and undergoing a swap from Toby’s Estate to Campos (a wise move, in my opinion), this place has picked up a cult following in this hospital town. Very popular around 8am.


The Woods Pantry 5A 824-850 Woodville Rd

An easy pick for number one in the suburb. This place is gorgeous. Campos, again (I know, but it works), and the boys at the machine look like they mean business. I have a soft spot for cafes that weigh their grinds; it means they’ve figured out a formula that works and they’re sticking to it. Well deserving of the morning crowds.


BLaKC Cafe at the Library 80 Rickard Rd

A fantastic new spot at the library – and coffees are just $3 a pop! The blend is quite dark; a walnutty chocolate kind of dark. No acidity from the pull either, which was a nice surprise.


The Coffee Emporium Shop G064, Centro, Roselands Dr

There are really only three cafes in this area, which led to this one winning. The coffee is fine, but I would recommend – if you have the time – to drive north, as The Coffee Emporium is nothing to write home about. The burgers are pretty decent, however.


Coffee By GW 1 Selems Pde

Single origin Guatemalan beans are lovingly tendered in this Western Sydney jewel of a cafe. And the coffee is super smooth – give-me-a-bucket-of-this-stuff smooth. On hot days the cold brew is a lifesaver; fruity and delicious and served with coconut milk on the side. I wish I lived in Revesby so I could fuel up here every day.

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