Coffee aficionados rejoice. Too often we sit through listicles about the ‘Best Cafes In Sydney’ or the ‘Top Ten Brunch Places That Are Nowhere Near Me’ – but times are changing.

Starting in the CBD and spiralling outward, here is the definitive list of the best joe in each Sydney suburb. For context, my preferred cup is a flat white, with a double piccolo on especially heady days. (NB: we’re not including franchises, or secondary cafes; there are a couple of Coffee Alchemys, but I’ve just included the original.) This list should keep you well-caffeinated for at least a month – because coffee helps you ‘person’.

Follow the full list here:

Part One (CBD)

Part Two (North Shore and Balmain)

Part Three (Eastern Suburbs)

Part Four (Inner West)

Part Five (Western Sydney)



Marlowe’s Way Tank Stream Lane

Tucked away in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it laneway, Marlowe’s is a haven for the office-dwellers in the vicinity.


Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts 3/23 Barangaroo Ave

Nutty, delicious lattes and a gorgeous array of glazed doughnutty goodness – what more do you need?


Flour And Stone 53 Riley St

One look at their array of baked goods and you’d be sold anyway, but the coffee is the best around. Rich and consistent.


Gypsy Espresso Shop 6/81 MacLeay St

With a tiny entrance on MacLeay Street, Gypsy delivers a bold roasted cup with a lingering taste of chocolate. It also offers barista training.


Heart Of Glass Espresso Bar 1 Ithaca Rd

Enjoy this sun-drenched spot on the waterfront while you sip. Try the dukkah with poached eggs if you have a bit more time.


The Bunker 399 Liverpool St

A cheesy hole-in-the-wall with a thrown-together feel that proffers extraordinary coffee. One of the best lattes in Sydney. Try with almond milk.


Single O 60-64 Reservoir St [pictured above]

The original and certainly one of the best. The boys here are always up for a great chat, even though you wait on the side of the street. The queues down the road from 7am are testament to this Sydney institution. Nutty coffee… super nutty.


Knight’s Coffee & Tea Co. 827-839 George St

A little bit of a wait, but a reliably good cup. Friendly faces every time I’ve gone.


Soma 2/646 Harris St

This specialty coffee importer is located just underneath the TAFE on Harris Street. It’s a haven for students and tourists, and the strong lattes are the law of the land here.


Antidote 80 Pyrmont St

Look, it’s almost worth braving the casino crowds at The Star to come here – Antidote makes a killer cup. The espresso is light and fruity, and the milk is creamy and to die for every time. There’s nothing quite like knowing that a cafe has trained all its baristas to perfection so you don’t have to gamble. There’s plenty of other places for that around here.

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