We’ve heard the story too many times before. It’s a Friday afternoon, and although you’re ready to welcome the weekend in glorious fashion, your workplace is just too bloody tight to put out Friday drinks and snacks. Let’s be frank, it’s borderline un-Australian.

Thankfully, the good folks at Cracker Barrel want you to leave your weird Cadbury Caramilk Philly in the fridge, socialise with your workmates and enjoy your very own cheese board. Oh, it’s also absolutely free.

It’s all part of an initiative created by the cheese masters called Snacktivism, and here’s how it’s going to work. If you happen to be based in a Sydney or Melbourne-based office, you can head to head to the Snacktivism website on Monday November 25 to order yourself a stellar collection of Cracker Barrel’s finest. If you’re successful, deliveries will begin on November 29 and then take place each Friday until December 13.

Snacktivism briefcase
Who wouldn’t want one of these?

You’ll get three separate cheddars – one infused with jalapeno, another with chilli and the final one embracing maple – as well as a larger block of the classic extra sharp. There will also be plenty of crackers to help dish those bad boys out. The best bit? It’ll all come in an adorable cardboard briefcase that doubles as a makeshift recyclable board, because nobody wants to do the cleaning up.

A recent survey conducted by Cracker Barrel revealed that 97% of Australians said their happiness affects their productivity at work. Yet a surprisingly high number of people surveyed think their company isn’t doing enough to boost workplace wellbeing.

According to Mike Murray, Head of Marketing at Saputo Dairy Australia, that’s why Cracker Barrel is empowering all employers and employees to introduce Friday snacks into their workplace. “We know snacking brings people together and we’re passionate about fostering connectivity and helping colleagues become friends in workplaces across Australia.’’

Should you be cheese averse, don’t worry, Domino’s has you covered.