When was the last time a film had a buildup as chaotic as Don’t Worry Darling? Florence Pugh being mad at Olivia Wilde! Olivia Wilde allegedly abusing her directorial powers! Shia LaBeouf’s strange departure! Harry Styles’s weird accent! 

Somehow, after months of tantalising leaks and wild rumours, it all led to ‘Spitgate’, the most unexpected celebrity collision since The Slap. At the film’s Venice premiere, Styles appeared to spit on on co-star Chris Pine, and the internet lost its collective mind.

As discovered by Uproxx, an old TikTok clip may actually explain everything we need to know about the madness behind Don’t Worry Darling.

The Tiktok clip went viral thanks to Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk posting it on Twitter following ‘Spitgate’. “Months ago – months and months! – there was a very gossipy blind item tiktok from someone who worked behind the scenes describing what was CLEARLY don’t worry darling, and i remember watching it and talking about it and now i’ll never find it again,” she tweeted.

She wasn’t wrong when she used the word “gossipy.” The 2021 TikTok clip in question doesn’t explicitly mention Wilde’s film, but it’s not really hiding the fact that Don’t Worry Darling probably is the unnamed subject. There aren’t many “former British boyband members” making it big in Hollywood after all.

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A production assistant takes us behind-the-scenes of the film, claiming that trouble began brewing when Wilde allegedly banned her partner, Jason Sudeikis, from coming to the set. “Oh, it’s probably because of COVID,” the PA assumes.

However, the alleged real reason was Wilde having the hots for young Styles, which supposedly resulted in poor Pugh having to direct much of the film.

The PA then alleges that the entire cast and crew were made to sign non-disclosure agreements just one month before the end of filming. She then decided to quit after overhearing Pugh and Wilde arguing in a trailer after the former felt she wasn’t being properly treated after “doing all of the work.”

Like I said, Don’t Worry Darling isn’t specifically mentioned, but it’s pretty transparent. And the video came out last October, so it doesn’t feel like someone simply jumping on the hate bandwagon currently surrounding the film. So watch the TikTok below, take the allegations with a huge pinch of salt, and simply revel in the “gossipy” nature of it all.

Don’t Worry Darling? If you’re Olivia Wilde, all she’s probably doing right now is worrying about any big-name actor wanting to work with her after this current debacle, regardless of the veracity of the wild rumours.

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