In case you’ve paid attention to anything over the last couple of months, the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite is currently underway. While we’ve pointed out before how ridiculous the whole thing is, it appears that the postal vote now has another critic: US comedian John Oliver.

Taking to his Last Week Tonight program on HBO, Oliver delivered his usual comedic take on the issue, pointing out how much money the survey has cost the Australian government, and how it has resulted in outspoken commenters from both sides coming out in support or opposition of the plebiscite.

Amongst his rapid-fire witticisms, John Oliver also pokes fun at some of the stranger occurrences from the postal survey so far, including one ‘no’ vote supporter suggesting ‘garriage’ being a suitable replacement for the word ‘marriage’, how Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was hit in the fact with a pie for supporting the ‘yes’ side, and how “anti-gay marriage former Prime Minister” Tony Abbot was recently head-butted by a Tasmanian activist in what was wrongly seen as a politically-motivated attack.

Strangely absent from John Oliver’s recap of the survey so far was the instance in which one postal survey barcode was found to contain the words ‘bum sex’. Come on, John, that’s comedy fodder served up on a golden plate!

With the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite set to finish up at 6pm on Tuesday, November 7th, there isn’t much more time left to have your say in the survey. So be sure to head to the Marriage Survey website and find out how to ensure you can still have your say.

Check out John Oliver’s take on Australia’s postal survey:

If you’re keen to see one of the other finer moments of John Oliver’s recent history, be sure to also check out the time that he asking the rather fitting question, “Daylight Savings, how is that still a thing?”

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