‘Love Island’ star Callum Hole was allegedly involved in a pub brawl in Victoria, shortly after leaving an event.

‘Love Island’ star Callum Hole was involved in a fight while leaving a public event in Victoria, So Dramatic! reports, along with providing footage of the incident.

Over January 20th and 21st, Hole — along with fellow Love Island star Jordan Dowsett — made appearances at three branches of The Deck in Victoria. The alleged incident happened at the Ballarat venue, the last scheduled stop.

Footage obtained by So Dramatic! shows that the situation took a turn for the worse when some attendees insulted Hole as he was taking his leave.

“Put a shirt on, you f*ckwit,” a man’s voice his heard saying. Both Hole and Dowsett had taken pictures with fans while shirtless – as seen on The Deck’s social media. “Ya f*cking dog,” the voice says. Other male voices are also heard joining in, making similar comments.

Hole appears to charge at a man, but backs away at the last minute. As he’s getting into his car, however, the same man starts hitting his window, saying: “Come back out here ya f*cking r*t*rd.”

Hole is then seen leaving his vehicle and going for the man. Shaky footage shows both men going at each other for a few minutes as security attempts to intervene. Insults can also be heard in the background, telling Callum to ‘go back to Love Island, ya c*nt.”

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As of now, Callum or The Deck have not commented on the incident. It is also unclear whether Jordan Dowsett was also involved.

Public sentiment, however, seems to be in Callum’s favour so far, especially since the star appeared to have been provoked. “I wasn’t a fan of Callum on the show. But f*ck that. Honestly, if it were any regular Jo [sic] being surrounded and harassed like that you’d retaliate,” said one comment.

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