MAFS star Bronte Schofield’s sister and bridesmaid have claimed that Jessica’s decision to expose Harrison was done for selfish reasons.

As the drama between Bronte, Harrison, and Abby Miller heats up even more, the MAFS bride’s sister Kirra and bridesmaid Lauren Alex have come forward to claim that the moment that started it all – Jessica Tomlinson’s decision to rat out Harrison – also had ulterior motives behind it.

Calling The Bachelor star Jessica Tomlinson ‘fame-hungry’ in a chat with So Dramatic!, the two claimed that she purposely waited for a moment when the bridal party would be equipped with microphones to reveal the truth about Harrison.

According to them, there were ‘several hours’ during the ceremony when no one was wearing mics – this, they felt, would have been the better time to drop the bomb on Bronte.

“I’m just confused why she didn’t pull me aside and have a conversation with me or even my parents,” Kirra questioned. According to Kirra, Jessica should have let the family deal with Harrison’s ‘red flags’.

“She had every opportunity to do the right thing and do it respectfully and be a genuine friend. But in her head, having five minutes of fame was more important to her than Bronte’s friendship,” Kirra claimed.

“Jess is fame hungry, 100 per cent. She’s said in the past, the reason she wanted to go on The Bachelors was because she said, ‘I’m too hot not to be known. I want to be famous.’” She added.

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“But she didn’t get that from The Bachelor. So her next move was, ‘oh, one of my friends is going on MAFS. How can I get exposure? Oh my god, I’m going to ruin the wedding.’” Kirra said.

The two also alleged that Jessica was jealous of Bronte, and that she knew that the latter would be paired with Harrison ahead of the show – thanks to Harrison’s connection with Abby – but lied about it.

“She said to me, ‘no, babe. I spoke to Abby and she told me that Harrison’s wedding is next Friday’. So she 100 per cent lied to me,” Lauren alleged.

Kirra and Lauren also claimed that Jessica had been in with the producers of the show, since she’d reportedly been the only guest allowed to use her phone.

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