MAFS fans are going to be hit by another cheating scandal… and this one involves three grooms.

Warning: The piece below might contain spoilers for MAFS 2023. 

Boy, this season of MAFS does not believe in giving people breaks. Despite the explosive reveal at Bronte and Harrison’s wedding and the cheating scandal involving Claire and Adam, it seems we are not yet done with the infidelity on the show. This new one, as reported by So Dramatic!, is going to involve no less than three grooms.

According to So Dramatic!, Harrison, Cam, and Dan are going to get implicated for allegedly cheating after news of their escapades on a boys night out gets back to their on-screen wives. “Harrison, Cam and Dan go out one night and pick up chicks. It’s really bad. They hooked up with some girls and got their numbers,” an insider alleged.

Unluckily for them, their on-screen wives find out about it… thanks in no small part to their careless handling of it. “Harrison called Adam the next day and told him and he had him on loudspeaker so Janelle [Han] heard it,” the source alleged. “Janelle then told Harrison that if he didn’t tell Bronte himself, she would, so then he confesses to her at the Dinner Party.”

True to her word, however, Janelle takes Bronte aside – as we know, that’s never led to a good thing – and tells her about what happened. Bronte explodes on Harrison, even though he reportedly claims that he never pursued anything with the girl.

“Bronte was like, ‘But you still took the number. You should have said you’re married and committed to someone. Why did you even take the number?’” the source reportedly said.

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Despite the drama, however, Bronte reportedly forgave Harrison without much ado, which surprised everyone. “She said something like, ‘He’s a good-looking dude, he’s going to get attention. What he does with that attention is up to him. He fucked up so that’s on him.’” Bronte reportedly explained, according to the insider.

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