McDonald’s has got your lunch sorted with a ridiculous five cent fries deal, but there’s a few hoops you’ll have to jump through first.

There have been some pretty damn good deals at McDonald’s as of late, like the donut ball McFlurry and chicken schnitty burger, but nothing can quite top the sheer simplicity that is the five cent large fries deal that’s going on at the moment.

That’s right, Macca’s is slinging large servings of its glorious golden fries for a mere five cents. Just to really hammer home how ridiculous of a discount this is, fries haven’t been this cheap at Maccas for several decades. “I’m lovin’ it” indeed.

But as it is with most deals this good, there’s a few hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to get your hands on those discounted chips.

Firstly, this deal is only available from Monday, December 1st, to Monday, December 14th, so it’s a limited time thing.

Secondly, the deal is only available on the MyMacca’s app, so you’ll have to download that.

Thirdly, you’ll have to pay with Apple Pay, which means Android users (such as myself) can’t get in on this cheaper-than-chips chips deal. Not that big of an issue as we all have at least one iPhone-carrying friend on hand for scenarios like this.

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And lastly, this too-good-to-be-true offer is only good for the first 500,000 people who claim it. As it’s already been a day into this deal, it’s safe to assume that we’re well under the 500K limit already.

So yeah, there’s a few things you have to do in order to get some five cent large fries from McDonalds but it’s all worth it because, well, it’s five cent friggin’ large fries. You’re not going to get a better deal than that all year.

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