Until now, viewers were under the impression that Thomas Malucelli never met his two final ladies’ parents on The Bachelor. That’s not true.

As The Bachelor headed into its final days, audiences were looking forward to the bachelors meeting their final two ladies’ families. Imagine the disappointment and surprise when Thomas’ meets were not aired at all, leading some to believe that they never happened.

Rumours around the meets also intensified when Malucelli claimed on the show that he was happy with the ways things were and did not need ‘outside opinions’ bogging him down.

According to So Dramatic!, however, that’s not true. Turns out, Thomas Malucelli did meet his leading ladies’ Leah and Lauren’s families – they were just ‘scrapped’ because, well, they were boring.

“He met both Leah and Lauren‘s family and friends, and they met his mum and his two best friends,” an insider explained. But apparently, it was too boring so they never aired it.” A source claiming to be an insider alleged.

But the drama continues – both Leah and Lauren were apparently cheesed off that the meetings with their families had been sacrificed to give Jessica and Damien more air time.

“Pretty slack to the girls that it wasn’t shown considering their families went to so much effort to be there,” the source told So Dramatic! “They were pretty upset when they saw it had been cut.”

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This also means that Thomas’ claims of being happy as he was may have been scripted – but then again, that’s nothing new for the show. Recently, rumours that two of the season’s contestants – Jess Navin and Tash Candycewere paid actors were at an all-time high.

Laura O’Loughlin, who competed on Jimmy Nicholson’s season, said on her IG Story: “I’m very confident that Jessica Navin and Tash Candyce are paid actors, plants, whatever you want to call them.”

O’Loughlin believed that using both girls’ full names – when there were no other contestants of the same names – along with the ‘chaotic’ storylines they had was too much of a coincidence.

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