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Taxify’s manager tells us of their plans to crush Uber in Sydney

Yesterday saw the launch of a self-professed Uber-killer into the Sydney market. Taxify are Europe’s fastest-growing ride-sharing app, and have already scooped up 4,000 drivers...

Chance and Oscar

Watch Chance The Rapper hanging out on Sesame Street

From his sterling debut mixtape 10 Day, through to the excellent Acid Rap and Colouring Book, Chance The Rapper has been nothing but a blast...

Frenzal Rhomb are offering protective headgear to photographers at their gigs

Obviously, kicking a female photographer in the face isn’t to be taken lightly, but Josh Homme’s rubbish response after doing just that is certainly worth...

chocoholic pizza

Domino’s Australia just launched a Chocoholic dessert pizza

If you’re like the staff here at The BRAG, you often enjoy pizza for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, post-pub-grub-run, and at sneaky midnight feasts in...

Street Fighter

There’s a massive 12-game Street Fighter collection coming

Capcom are releasing a massive collection of 12 Street Fighter games — for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch — so you can Shoryuken your...

Dogs die in hot cars

Tips for keeping your pets cool this summer

Summer is here, the parks are filled with dogs, and although you firmly believe your dog to be a Very Good Boy whom you love...

Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan wants a Mean Girls sequel, and so do we

Lindsay Lohan wants a Mean Girls sequel, telling E! that she is actively trying to make it happen. Unlike “fetch” though, this might actually happen....

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds will play Pikachu in a live-action Pokemon film

Fresh off the set of smash sitcom Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Ryan Reynolds has signed on to star in the forthcoming...

Simpsons on bikes

Should cyclists be allowed to ride on the footpath?

At the moment, it is illegal to ride your bicycle on the footpath in N.S.W unless you are under the age of 12. The fine...

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is coming to Bondi to skate ‘cos that’s what he does best

General Pants Bowl-A-Rama is returning to Bondi, and although their press release modestly refers to it as “one of Australasia’s largest and most exciting skate...