It is very possible to find a PS5 console at some Australian retailers, but only if you’re willing to pay a bonkers amount of money for it.

It’s been three or so months since the PS5 has been ushered into the world and it’s become more difficult than ever to find one of these damn consoles.

With demand being so high and the pandemic having an impact on production, it’s been exceedingly tough for Sony to keep stock levels up. Hell, right now the best chance of getting a PS5 is if a place like eBay is giving them away.

Having said all that, it turns out it is possible to get a PS5 in Australia without having to wait god knows how many months. The only catch is that you’re going to have to pay nearly double for the damn thing.

According to Kotaku Australia, CeX, a United Kingdom based retail chain that specialises in second-hand consumer electronics, is selling PS5 consoles at a rip-off price of $1,250.

That’s $501 more than what PS5 consoles are supposed to retail for, which is utterly ridiculous and clearly a scalping move akin to all those folks trying to flog PS5s on eBay.

There are still a number of PS5 consoles available on the CeX online store at the time of writing, all of which are selling for that bonkers $1,250 price tag.

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So if you’re mega desperate to play Hitman 3 or whatever on the PS5 and you’re willing to pay any price for Sony’s new chonk of a console, then you might as well buy a ridiculously overpriced PS5 at the aforementioned Australian retailers.

If you’re willing to wait, then keep an eye on the PS5 and Xbox Series X real-time tracker and hope that the odds fall in your favour soon when more stock comes in.

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