Nespresso machines (and the wave of knock-offs that followed) have taken the world of coffee by storm, making life so much easier for anyone who wanted a mediocre-to-decent mochacino at the touch of a button.

But what about the poor home-brewers who are tired of fussing about with yeast in their garages, and just want their own ‘home brewed’ beer at the touch of a button?

Meet your soulless, gentrified, capsule-based future.

In a move that’s no doubt hoping to tap into the burgeoning small-batch craft beer market, and wrangle some cash from its army of devotees, LG have revealed an odd new machine that promises to make beer for you at home with nothing more than a capsule, and a single button press.

As told by TechCrunch, this thing is a bulky tank that definitely takes up more room than a coffee pod machine, but works on the same principle, making beer using little capsules containing hop oil, yeast and various flavourings.

Sounds great, right? Well, there’s a catch.

LG Home Brew

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Sure beats a keg… right…?

While your coffee machine churns out a frothy latte in the time it takes to heat your water up, this thing brews beer for you in… well, the time it takes to brew beer. That being a couple of weeks.

After all of that waiting around, you get five whole litres of beer, which sounds great until you remember that a pint is a tad over half a litre, and that you and a couple of mates will put the whole thing away in a couple of hours.

Maybe it’ll help encourage you to just sip away at a pot, then, as you would a nice coffee, rather than opening the gullet and crushing the can like you’re starring in a Solo commercial.

But honestly, this really just feels like it completely defeats the purpose of brewing your own beer at home.

Still, if you’re interested, you can pick from some current craft brew staples including American Pale Ale, American IPA, Czech Pilsner, English Stout, and a Belgian-style Witbier – and we’ll find out more about how it actually tastes when the machine is fully unveiled at the upcoming CES gadget conference in a couple of days.

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