Eaten more than your fair share of Quarter Pounders for 2019? Drained your entire supply of Big Mac sauce? Well, fear not friends, for Maccas have heard your cries, and to help close out the year, have reintroduced their popular El Maco range – bringing a bit of Mexican flair to the usual fast food line-up.

This is the first time your mouth will be treated to these international wonders since 2012, so needless to say it’s a big deal. Let’s run you through the main players.

First up, we have the Beef El Maco: packing your standard beef patty, cheese and tomato, but also adding in sour cream and chunky Mexican salsa. Likewise, the Chicken El Maco is served up in much the same, except instead of beef you can choose between either crispy or grilled chicken breast.

If you feel like your mouth could do with a small fire, both burgers have a spicier variation that adds in crispy jalapeños for good measure.

Australia, you’ve asked for it – and it’s here! The El Maco range is back and just in time for Summer! Made with juicy 100% Aussie Beef or Crispy Chicken, get your hands on one today!

Posted by McDonald's on Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Moving on we have the El Maco Shaker Fries – that come with the classic El Maco seasoning that you must shake like a proverbial polaroid picture, however, the real piece de resistance are the mouth-watering mozzarella sticks.

With their golden bready crust housing deliciously melty mozzarella cheese inside, they almost look as though they’ve been crafted by the hands of the good lord himself. Sorry, we’re having a bit of a moment – we just really like cheese. They’re also served with a side of El Maco sauce.

You can only order the new line-up after 10.30am and word on the street is that it will only be available until December 22 or until stocks last, so we suggest throwing on a sombrero and heading down to your local Maccas pronto. It’ll help soften the pain that the 30 Days 30 Deals promo is over.