Everybody loves to hate Married At First Sight ‘villain’ Harrison Boon, who seems to go to extreme and calculated lengths to maintain his bad boy persona.

And given that it’s long been known that Married At First Sight is far from a factual documentary series, viewers have wondered whether the tradie is acting, reading from a script, or stirring the pot on the behalf of the producers when interacting with co-stars and wife, Bronte Schofield.

He’s been smart enough thus far to not simply come out and confess to such claims – but he’s certainly dropped some hints along the way:

On Tuesday, he told Nova’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun, he decided before the show started that if he didn’t find love, his imperative was to find fame.

“I was pretty open about the fact that at least if [love] didn’t work out, being famous also has its advantages,” he said.

“So I’m just gonna come out and say that’s probably the two main motivations for most people going on the show, is that they’re either gonna meet the person of their dreams or they’re gonna get that blue tick.”

Harrison started on the backfoot on the whole ‘love’ pursuit; he was busted for having a secret girlfriend during the premiere. At his own wedding, no less.

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Earlier this month, the 32-year-old went into great lengths about his love for storyline villains, referencing his love for the James Bond franchise in a chat with New Idea:

“It’s funny, you know, the old Bond films and Bond walks into a hidden lair and the evil guy spins around on a swivel chair with a black turtleneck on, petting a cat, right? That guy was so funny!”

“You would measure a Bond film by how good the villain was. And I think, seasons of MAFS are no different. They get measured on how good the villains are.”

He went on to say that he loved being the villain on MAFS, because the bar for his actions was set so low, unlike some of his fellow grooms.

“They can’t really go any higher, right? They’re already seen as really good guys. So, anything they do on or off-screen could ruin their reputation. Whereas the villain, I mean, all I can really go is up. Or sideways,” he said.

Has Harrison Acted Before?

Harrison has no formal acting training to note; he didn’t go to NIDA on star in a TV commercial like so many of his reality TV contemporaries.

But that’s not to say he doesn’t have performance experience: he moonlights as a stripper.

What Does He Do For Work?

Harrison is a man for hire. By day, those services include construction and building, but by night, he’s a Bow Tie Boy.

According to reports, Harrison works as a stripper for hire, and will even go fully nude for a fee (sadly his rates have surely gone up since MAFS).

“He’s been with Bow Tie Boys as a topless waiter and stripper for years, and knows exactly how to make any party a night to remember. Hire this hunky tradie now!” his online profile reads.

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