Thought Wily Wonka and his child-scarring antics were batshit crazy? Well, the fine folks at Oak are vying for a pretty close second with their latest line-up of milk that seems to be some kind of nostalgic crossover with none other than Allen’s lollies.

Prepare yourself, it’s a little bit weird.

Yep, hot off the heels of the recently released Cinnamon Donut concoction that took milk lovers by storm, Redskins, Jaffa and Chokito-flavoured milk is now a thing you can also smash down your gullet.

While we might understand the chocolate orange combo of the controversially beloved Jaffa and the chocolate caramel blend of the humble Chokito, yeah… we’re a little bloody sketchy on the ugly duckling of the trio – the ‘pasteurised raspberry flavoured’ Reskins.

A staple of kindergarten lolly bags around the country, there’s just something about the chewy, sticky confectionary that we can’t wrap out head around.

But hey, what do we know?

It’s in these incredibly specific situations that we turn to the Aussie Flavoured Milk Reviews Facebook page, which has already posted the first official opinion, stating, “They got the flavour spot on, right down to that subtle taste of glucose syrup, so all of the enjoyment but with none of the teeth picking.

“They perhaps could have added more red colour in because currently looks a bit like strawberry milk.”

We’ll have to take their word on it.

OAK Redskins.They got the flavour spot on, right down to that subtle taste of glucose syrup, so all of the enjoyment…

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The full range is already available at your local Woolies for a measly $3.05 a carton (you can find them here if you dare), while selected independent grocers and convenience stores should also stock them from November 4.

For now, we’re still crossing out fingers for a Twix-inspired treat. In a world where Jatz chocolate is a reality, anything is possible.