So, if you haven’t realised it by now, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. And, what have we learned is the easiest way of slowing down the spread? Simply wearing face masks.

Unfortunately, even quite a few months in, the coronavirus pandemic still has her ugly boots on, and is wreaking havoc across the world. Although Australia mostly had contained the virus, a second wave has popped up in Melbourne, causing the city to lockdown to level four restrictions.

Now, Melburnians have no choice but to wear face masks, unless they wish to be fined an impressive $200. While many argue that face masks aren’t doing the trick, they are what is recommended by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, and the government also reckons that it’ll help stop the spread of COVID-19.

That being said, there are some that argue that it’s taking away liberty, however why not wear a simple piece of cloth over your face? At best, you could be saving someone’s life by not spreading a virus. At worse, you’re inconvenienced slightly by having to wear a piece of cloth over your mouth and nose.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, you should be considerate, cover your face, and grab yourself a stylish mask to do so. To make it easier for you, here’s 15 stylish masks that won’t break the bank, but may help stop the pandemic.

1. This hybrid face mask/scarf – $20.73

Fyloving 3Pcs Women's Sun Protection Mask Silk Neck Scarf Masks Seamless Face Mask Bandanas for Dust, Outdoors, Festivals

Now you can be both stylish and practical. Plus, you wont have to be one of those wearers of face masks that have to do the awkward chin-strap wear while they’re in the car. Instead, you’ll just look like you’ve got a nice scarf on.

2. These clever type of face masks that will help others read your lips and facial expressions – $7.99

Cimaybeauty 1PC Mask with Clear Window Visible Expression for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for Woman Men at Any Occasion (Black)

This clever design will keep your covered, but allow those who are either hard of hearing, or just not good at detecting your mood, see right into your mask and know exactly what you’re staying, and how you’re feeling.

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3. Colours galore! – $19.99

Slumbies! Cloth Face Coverings for Women & Men - Washable Face Coverings - Reusable Face Coverings - Flexible Nose Bridge - Adjustable Ear Bands - 5 Layer Filters Included - Paint Splatter

Who said face masks had to be boring and plain? Bring pop of colour to these drab times by sporting this bad boy.

4. Make the pandemic more terrifying by sporting this – $3.99

Hyperia Stretchable Tubular Skull Bandana Motorcycle Biker Snowboards Helmet Neck Face Mask Paintball Ski Sport Headband

The world isn’t scary enough right now, clearly. So, why not up the terror and wear a skull mask? Bonus feature, it also doubles as a scarf and a headband, depending on how you twist it about. Bit of a bargain for an easy $6.

5. Pretend that winter has actually been a decent month with these wonderland face masks:

166 Snowflake Printing Printed Pattern Patterned lace Mouth Covers 3D Design Fashion Dustproof Unisex with Adjustable Elastic Strap

Not only will you get a snowflake studded face mask, but it even comes with filters. But, that’s not all – it also comes in a multitude of different colours and patterns, so you could even buy one to match each outfit you own.

6. Pretty and simple – $9.49

Dustproof Cotton Face Mouth Mask UV Protective Facial 2 Layers Cover Reusable Washable Pink Plaid Masks for Women Men TPZA92723

No need to get overly fancy when wearing face masks – this simple red and white checked one will do the trick, while still being a fashion statement. Plus, it’s got adjustable ear loops, so you get the perfect fit.

7. This floral beauty – $16.39

Unisex Washable and Reusable Cotton Warm Face Protection for Outdoor

Imagine pairing this with a flowy, black velvet dress, some boots, and a draping scarf? You’ll be at the height of floral goth aesthetic.

8. Why not go all-out? – $14.75

Makkalensau Fashion Sequins ????? Mouth Cover, Unisex Washable Reusable Cotton Maskss Warm Face Scarf Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities (Adults, Pink)

Because practicality doesn’t have to be boring, you could be suiting up in one of these sequinned numbers. Talk about making a fashion statement.

9. One for (almost) every day of the week –$24.81

6PCS Outdoor Hair Headband Elastic Seamless Bandana Scarf UV Resistence Sport Head Bands

Don’t just buy one measly mask to get you through the week, now you can have face masks for days, and stylistically wear them to match each outfit. Plus, all of these options double as scarfs and headbands, depending on your activity.

10. Practicality while keeping style in mind – $15.06

Cotton Face Covering with Breathing Valves for Adult, Washable Reusable Cloth Mouth Cover with Activated Carbon Filters for Outdoor Playing Sports

Who said filter masks needed to be ugly? This baby will be beyond worthy of your hard earned cash, while keeping your air squeaky clean, while pairing perfectly with your little black dress that you’re certainly wearing to absolutely nowhere right now.

11. Pretend you’re a fuckin’ wizard because it’s better than facing the real world right now – $12.99

Unisex Mouth Cover Face Cover, Wizarding World - Harry Potter Metallic Glasses Mouth Cover, Adjustable Anti-Dust Facial Cover for Cycling Camping Travel

We all want to escape right now, don’t we? Although we can’t head to Hogwarts right now, and we certainly can’t pandemicus deletus, we can at least pretend to be off in the Wizarding World with these Harry Potter-esque face masks.

12. Show your love for your four-legged friends – $31.20

LuxSweet Face Mask,Fashion Anti-dust Face Mouth Mask Windproof Adjustable Washable Dust Mask (English Bulldog Faces Fabric Cute Mint Dog)

One of the more expensive options, but you can’t deny that these little bulldogs aren’t the most adorable face masks you’ve seen thus far.

13. The pride parade may have been cancelled, but we can still sport the most glittery rainbow around – $11.37

Makkalensau Fashion Sequins Face Scarf - Mouth Cover Unisex Cotton proof Mouth Scarf with 2 Filter - Reusable Warm Windproof Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities (Adult)

Not only will this keep your face covered, but you’ll be able to blind your enemies (or those who are refusing to wear masks) when the sun casts rays on this bad boy.

14. Pretend you’re a mermaid with one of the prettiest masks – $11.10

Makkalensau Fashion Sequins Face Scarf - Mouth Cover Unisex Cotton proof Mouth Scarf with 2 Filter - Reusable Warm Windproof Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities (Green, Adult)

With tones of aqua, copper, and teal, this face mask is sure to make other mask wearers a bit jealous. And, who knows? You may make some new friends, minding you stay the mandatory 1.5 metres away from each other.

15. The not stylish, not practical, and utterly ridiculous mask – $3.54

1 Pack Unisex Adults Outdoor Face Protective with Breathing,Washable Reusable Face Protective with 2 Replaceable Filter and Detachable Eye Shield (Dark Blue)

Let’s just say there’s a reason this mask is so cheap. It’s because it’s a bit absurd.