Halo: Infinite has suffered another setback as its director has bailed on the troubled project.

After years of troubled progress that included a revolving door of big name staff and writers, some pug noises, and repeated delays, it seems like Halo: Infinite just can’t catch a break as its project director has jumped ship.

According to BloombergChris Lee, who oversaw production of Halo: Infinite, confirmed that he is no longer working on the game, stating the he has “stepped back from Infinite” and “am looking at future opportunities.”

Lee’s departure means that the project has lost two top directors in just the past two years. This doesn’t bode well for the game at all and it’s gotten to the point where one has to ask “what the hell is going on?”

Just to recap the arduous journey Halo: Infinite has been on so far, development began back in 2015 and nothing was heard until 2018 when it was properly announced.

2019 saw the departure of creative director Tim Longo and executive producer Mary Olson, which was then followed by a poorly received unveiling in July 2020 when footage of the game was released to the public.

In response to the criticism about the state of the game, Lee announced in August 2020 that Halo: Infinite will be delayed until 2021, which was a big blow to Microsoft’s plans to launch the title alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S in November. It is reported that Lee left his role just weeks after this delay was announced.

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Right now as we speak, Halo veteran Joe Staten is working on Infinite‘s single-player campaign while Pierre Hintze is doing the multiplayer component.

All in all, this isn’t looking good for Halo: Infinite and it seems like that new 2021 release date may be a bit generous right now.

Check out the gameplay demo for Halo: Infinite:

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