The first trailer for the new Mortal Kombat film is here and fans will be pleased as it is gloriously violent in all the best ways.

So you remember that Mortal Kombat movie that was filming in Adelaide some time ago? Well folks, the first trailer is here and boy is it a revelation.

For those worried about whether this new adaptation will be as campy as the previous couple of Mortal Kombat films from the 90s, don’t worry – it definitely is campy.

But it is also fantastically violent in the most ridiculous ways and it leans into the whole “this premise is dumb and the fighting is meant to be bloody, let’s roll with it.”

Right away we see fan favourite character Sub Zero freeze Jax’s arms before turning them into bloody stumps, Kano with his bonkers eye lasers, Mileena looking creepy as hell, and fatalities.

Oh man, they really did not shy away from the fatalities in this one and the film is infinitely better because of it.

But the pièce de résistance is the fight between Scorpion and Sub Zero. That encounter alone is probably worth the ticket price.

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As for the story – not that it matters too much in a film like this – Mortal Kombat revolves around a washed up fighter named Cole who is roped into an otherworldly tournament thanks to the Mortal Kombat logo birthmark on his chest.

Oh and a heap of Mortal Kombat favourites will be present in addition to the aforementioned characters, such as Liu Kang, Raiden, Sonya Blade, Kung Lao, Kano, Shang Tsung, and Mileena.You don’t really need to know more beyond that to be honest.

All in all, it was two glorious minutes of over-the-top violence and fatalities, which is exactly what you want from a Mortal Kombat movie.

The question now is will it be any good? Well if history has taught us anything about video game movies, Mortal Kombat won’t be anything close to a cinematic masterpiece.

But that’s besides the point for a movie like this. If I can get two hours of stuff like Sub Zero stabbing a guy, freezing the guy’s blood into a dagger, and then stabbing the guy again with said blood dagger, sign me the fuck up.

Anyway, Mortal Kombat will be out in cinemas (well, the open ones anyway) and streaming on HBO Max on April 16th so you won’t have much longer to wait.

Check out the outrageously violent and entertaining trailer for Mortal Kombat:

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