There’s some exciting news for Pokemon Go fans, with info on the next patch having been revealed to include a pack of new monsters for fans to catch – and more info on the long-awaited competitive PvP mode.

The upcoming patch has just been broken down by fansite Pokemon Go Hub (via EGM), and has revealed a host of changes, including the addition of a bunch of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region like Bonsly, Croagunk, Yanmega and Tangrowth.

New ‘mons are always a drawcard, but right now trainers are clamouring for a way to face off against their fellow trainers.  The patch revealed new details about this PvP mode, including the addition of stat boosts and reductions – hinting at combat much more inline with the ‘mainline’ games.

Updated badges, team leader icons, sprite work and more were also revealed in the leak, alongside streamlined menus and additional customisation options for the player characters.

There’s no word on when the patch will drop, but it could apparently be any day now – perhaps alongside a Christmas-themed event with Santa-esque Poke Delibird.

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In the same holiday / winter spirit, another leak has revealed new seasonal costumes for Raichu – including a particularly cute woolen beanie, which will no doubt arrive in the coming months for the U.S. winter.

Pokemon Go has of course had a pretty interesting year overall. Despite a big drop-off in interest from its launch, which saw it installed on pretty much everybody’s phones you could imagine, Pokemon Go is still being downloaded at ridiculous rates.

The recent launch of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! on Nintendo Switch has also helped to kindle renewed interest in the mobile version, as the two can link up to allow you to transfer your mobile monsters into the console version.

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