In a new interview, The Bachelor star Tatum Hargraves opened up about losing her business and home during the pandemic.

Today, The Bachelor star Tatum Hargraves might confidently boast about having a successful business, but like most of us, she almost lost it all during the pandemic.

In a new interview with FEMAIL, Hargraves admitted that during the pandemic, she lost her business, home, and $62,000 AUD all within one week. This, she said, led to her moving in with her sister and crying herself to sleep for a month. 

In 2020, Hargraves was making a comfortable six-figure salary as a cosmetic tattoo artist. When the government ordered the closure of all ‘non-essential’ businesses during the pandemic, Hargraves’ job was one of those affected. According to her, she went from living comfortably to scouring job sites for opportunities. 

Right around the same time, Hargraves recalled, she had put down a $62,000 AUD deposit on a two-bedroom apartment. However, she forgot to ensure that the settlement was ‘subject to finance’ – which meant she couldn’t get a loan and ended up losing the deposit.

“The banks couldn’t give me any money and even my dad, who would have been happy to help me get a loan, wasn’t eligible because his gym had also had to close,” she told FEMAIL. “The property developers were not helpful or lenient or empathetic at all and told me if I complained they would charge me an extra $9,000 so I should just wash my hands and walk away.” 

“So I lost the whole deposit and didn’t fight because I was scared of losing even more money that I now didn’t have, it was definitely a huge lesson.” Hargraves said. Unable to make rent, Hargraves then moved with her sister and her family, sharing a bed with her nephew. 

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“I would lay in bed crying, with my nephew stroking my arm telling me not to be sad,” she recalled. “It was so surreal, sharing a single bed, and listening to my baby niece Camilla whose cot had been moved into the hallway because both bedrooms were full.” 

During this time, upon her mother’s encouragement, Hargraves revisited the DIY brow kits she’d developed some time ago. Luckily for her, the business took off, with the kits being dubbed ‘Australia’s fastest-selling eyebrow kits.’ 

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